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Hey, sport! Protect your smile with a custom-made mouthguard

A mouthguard is a must for many sports. An expertly fitted mouthguard will not only shield your teeth from painful (and costly) damage, but protects your gums and jaw too.

But, don’t rely on a cheap, off-the-shelf plastic mouthguard.

The best dental protection comes from investing in a mouthguard that’s been custom-made for you at Dental on Lawrence.


Our mouthguards are perfect for every sport!

Dental on Lawrence has a great range of mouthguards for adults and kids – there’s a style to suit every mouth and every sport.

Your bespoke mouthguard will protect your smile at training and during the game year after year, for season after season.


Contact us today on (02) 6024 2588 to make an appointment for a quick, painless fitting of your new mouthguard.