General Dental Care - Wodonga & Albury

A regular dental check-up protects your teeth (and smile) for life

Dental problems never just ‘go away’. They can quickly become bigger, more painful and more costly to repair if not treated early.

Dental on Lawrence recommends both adults and children schedule a dental check-up at least once a year – more regularly if you have ongoing oral health issues.


Our check-ups come with personalised advice on oral health too!

As well as examining your teeth, your dentist will thoroughly assess your overall oral health, including your mouth, gums, jaw joints, chewing muscles, and saliva flow.

A check-up at Dental on Lawrence is painless and comes with personalised advice and tips on how to care for your teeth between visits. Together we’ll ensure you and your family keep healthy teeth for life.


Protect your smile for life. Book a dental check-up with Dental on Lawrence today on (02) 6024 2588.