The Child Dental Benefits Schedule

How it Works

Medicare funds dental checkups for the children of eligible Australian families under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS). Children aged two to 17 years are entitled to dental treatment to a limit of $1000 over two calendar years.

This document explains who is eligible to access the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS), what treatments are available, and what you need to do when claiming benefits.


What’s the Purpose of the Scheme?

The scheme aims to help to make a child’s introduction to dental care a positive, stress-free experience.

At Dental on Lawrence, a child’s first visit usually consists of sitting in the dental chair and having one of our dentists briefly examine their mouth, teeth, gums and smile. As the child gets older and more comfortable with the dentist, subsequent visits involve a closer oral examination to ensure no problems have developed.

Creating a positive relationship with their dentist or Oral Health Therapist helps build a strong foundation for a lifetime of excellent oral health.


Who is Eligible?

A child's entitlement is assessed at the beginning of each calendar year and remains in force for 12 months. A child is eligible if they are:

  • Eligible for Medicare
  • Aged between 2-17 years
  • In a family receiving Family Tax Benefit A
  • Receiving one of the following Australian Government Payments:
    • Disability Support Pension
    • Parenting Payment
    • Special Benefit
    • Carer Payment
    • Double Orphan Pension Youth Allowance
    • Abstudy Allowance                                            


If you think your family may be eligible for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule, contact Medicare on 132 011 check your eligibility and ensure your contact details are up to date.


What Treatments are Included?

Dental check-ups allow your dentist to identify and fix any dental issues your child may have early – before they become a more serious problem. The CDBS program provides basic preventative dental care, including:

  • Dental check-ups
  • Teeth cleaning & hygiene therapy
  • Fluoride applications and fissure sealants
  • X-rays
  • Fillings & restorations
  • Fissure sealants
  • Extractions or tooth removal
  • Treatment for dental infections & emergencies


Some treatments have limitations. These will be explained by Dental on Lawrence’s staff at time of your visit. 

Please note, orthodontic and cosmetic procedures are not included in this program.


When Making an Appointment…

If your child is eligible for the scheme and you wish to use it, it is important that you:

  1. Advise us of this when you telephone to book your child’s appointment and provide your Medicare number. This allows us to confirm your child’s eligibility before the appointment and to bulk bill the consultation fee following treatment.
  2. Bring along your family Medicare Card to each appointment.

Doing so will mean you do not have to pay for your child’s treatment on the day of your appointment.


Important – Please Note

If you fail to notify us of your family’s eligibility when making an appointment for your child, we will not be able to bulk bill your claim. You will be responsible for obtaining the Medicare rebate.

While the maximum entitlement is limited at $1000 per child over two calendar years, eligibility in the first year does not guarantee eligibility in the second. We strongly recommend that you confirm your child’s eligibility at the beginning of each calendar year.



For more information about the Child Dental Benefits Schedule please contact Dental on Lawrence on (02) 6024 2588, send us a message or email our receptionist at